[Smt-talk] General term for movements, acts, numbers

Richard Lewis richard.lewis at gold.ac.uk
Fri May 25 04:04:53 PDT 2012

Collective wisdom,

Is there any established term which covers the concepts of
"movements", "acts" and "scenes", "numbers", etc., i.e. the components
of musical works?

I ask in the context of developing a thematic catalogue database in
which I need to be able to capture this concept and therefore need a
name for it.

In previous similar work I've used "sub-work". But this not only
sounds quite computer-oriented, it also has slightly denigrating
nuances. "Parts" is problematic because the term is commonly used in
music publishing for instrumental and vocal parts. A colleague
suggested "integer" (as a neologism, I think), citing its root meaning
something like indivisible. A problem with this is its
well-established meaning in mathematics and computer science for whole

Any thoughts?

Best wishes,
Richard Lewis
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