[Smt-talk] notation query

David K Feurzeig mozojo at gmail.com
Mon May 7 11:24:40 PDT 2012

Dear Paul--

Thanks for the suggestion. But I'm looking for more detailed  
information or history regarding (in particular) the second principle,  
the avoidance of the syncopated dotted figure. Read touches on this  
topic mostly to characterize what is normal in modern practice; he  
gives little background and cites no other sources beyond a couple of  
musical examples. He calls the syncopated dotted figure "Bach  
dotting," but I haven't found the term anywhere else, and as I noted  
it's common not only in other Baroque composers but in Mozart.

> Dear David,
> The answers to your questions can be found in Gardner Read's Music  
> Notation: A Manual of Modern Practice, p. 113 & 117-18. Furthermore,  
> the history and usage of placing an augmentation dot simultaneously  
> before and after a notehead can be found in his book Modern Rhythmic  
> Notation.
> Best,
> Paul
> Paul Lombardi, Ph.D.

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