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I don't know if there are any "side-by-side" FA's with text.  But in a research project of mine from 1974, which pulled together Keller's major articles up to that point, I noted that the first published FA score (of the Mozart Dm Quartet, in Score No. 22 [Feb 1958]) could be compared to his verbal analysis of the same work, using FA methods, in the Mozart Companion (ed. Landon and Mitchell, Norton 1969), to which Keller contributed the article on "The Chamber Music".  The Dm Quartet is also discussed in "Knowing Things Backwards," Tempo No, 46 (Winter 1958), in which Keller extends his fascination with retrograde to the macroformal level, postulating "future cause" of structural events.
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Dear SMT-Talk Members,

Had Hans Keller ever published a Functional Analysis that
(horror of horrors) included an explanatory text along with
it? If yes, please send bibliographic
                     Ira Braus
                    Hartt School 
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