[Smt-talk] SMT Music and Philosophy Interest Group Business Meeting (New Orleans)

Brian Kane brian.kane at yale.edu
Fri Oct 26 11:39:21 PDT 2012

The SMT Music and Philosophy Interest Group and the AMS Music and Philosophy Study Group will be holding a joint business meeting on Friday, November 2nd, from 12-2 at the national conference in New Orleans. 

Picking up the theme from our Thursday evening panel, we will hear three position papers on the topic: "What is the contemporary relationship of music studies and philosophy?" Our speakers include:

Delia Casadei (UPenn)
Benjamin Court (UCLA)
Daniel Villegas (UPenn)

We will also discuss future projects, topics, themes and proposals for the two music/philosophy groups. 

Everyone with an interest in music and philosophy is welcome to attend or to contact the organizers for more information: Brian Kane (brian.kane at yale.edu) for the SMT group, and Stephen Decatur Smith (sdecatursmith at gmail.com) for the AMS group.

Brian Kane
Assistant Professor
Department of Music
Yale University
206 Stoeckel Hall
(203) 432-6730

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