[Smt-talk] The Concept of Appoggiatura

Daniel Roca drocacan at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 04:42:05 PDT 2012

I just wanted to say that Dimitar's classification coincides mostly with the one I use and know as usual. The most idiosincratic difference that is common here is that, awkwardly enough, textbooks definitions and examples usually picture them purely as melodies (with no harmony context at all and often as theoretical examples not citating any piece in particular), and you can imagine this leads sometimes to misunderstandings.

I also sympathize with keeping the "official" classification and simple as possible, and complementing it with on-class amplification by the teacher, always connected to an apropiate context. So students can see that theoretical concepts (kept as simple and straightforward as possible) can lead to neverending richness of musical effects.

May I paraphrase "the only good theory is a living theory"? ;-)

Mark Twain: Haz siempre lo correcto. Esto gratificará a algunos, dejará atónitos al resto.

Daniel Roca
drocacan at gmail.com

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