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Charles J. Smith cjsmith at buffalo.edu
Wed Sep 12 09:37:56 PDT 2012

I was shocked beyond the telling to read this, and forward it to SMT only because I have seen no announcement on our list-servs yet.

What a truly horrible loss…


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> From: Sarah Hibberd <sarah.hibberd at NOTTINGHAM.AC.UK>
> Subject: Adam Krims
> Date: September 12, 2012 8:55:37 AM EDT
> Reply-To: Sarah Hibberd <sarah.hibberd at NOTTINGHAM.AC.UK>
> We have recently been informed that our colleague Adam Krims has passed away at his home in Paris. We do not have any more information at the moment, and we are stunned and deeply shocked at the loss of such an extraordinary intellectual talent and valued colleague. Adam's former doctoral supervisees at Nottingham, a number of whom have gone on to make successful careers in academia, will feel his loss especially acutely.
> Information about memorial arrangements will be passed to the list as soon as they are confirmed, and put on our website.
> We remember Adam with admiration and gratitude, and mourn his passing. Our deepest sympathies are extended to his family and relatives.
> All best,
> Sarah
> Dr Sarah Hibberd
> Head of Department
> Department of Music
> University of Nottingham NG7 2RD
> sarah.hibberd at nottingham.ac.uk

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