[Smt-talk] New posting policy and monthly message

Dmitri Tymoczko dmitri at princeton.edu
Thu Sep 6 09:39:53 PDT 2012

I am going to use my second and final post of the day on a suggestion:

When replying to an smt-talk post, do NOT cc the respondent directly.  Send everything through the moderator.

It sounds a little counterintuitive, since CC:ing seems more polite.  But the downside is that the CC:ing can lead to a long private back-and-forth that takes place prior to any moderation.  By the time the rest of us see the messages, we may no longer want to participate in the discussion, because there have been 5-10 messages back and forth.

If the discussion is to be genuinely public, it makes a certain amount of sense to be patient and reply always through the moderator.  This gives everyone an equal chance to participate.


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