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Nicolas Meeùs nicolas.meeus at paris-sorbonne.fr
Tue Sep 11 12:28:07 PDT 2012

My brother recently drew my attention to the following sentence by 

    The Virtual Academic(TM), says:
    The writing of narrative qua narrative chronicles the (re)invention
    of process.
    [Smedley, the Virtual Critic(TM), responds: Pootwattle's suggestive
    observation concerning the relationship between the writing of
    narrative qua narrative and the (re)invention of process can never
    supplant the work of the Frankfurt school.]

Wuddyathink of "to chronicle"?

For more: http://writing-program.uchicago.edu/toys/randomsentence/index.htm


Nicolas Meeùs
Université Paris-Sorbonne

Le 11/09/2012 16:39, Dmitri Tymoczko a écrit :
> On Sep 7, 2012, at 10:38 AM, art samplaski wrote:
>> "Transition" is a NOUN, ladies and gentlemen.
> I have two things to say about this, one frivolous and one serious.
> 1. (Frivolous)  For those who are interested in issues of prescriptivism and language change, I heartily recommend the blog "Language Log," run by my friend Mark Liberman (with the help of many very smart contributors).  Mark recently wrote the latest in a long series of posts on "verbing." (The name originates with Calvin's memorable remark to Hobbes: "verbing weirds language").
> http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/?p=4161
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