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Paul Lombardi lombardi at unm.edu
Sat Apr 6 18:52:53 PDT 2013

Please post on behalf of Garrett Hope.


Paul Lombardi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition, University of South Dakota
Lecturer III, University of New Mexico

Fellow Composers (and Theorists)!

I have been working with a colleague and a team of students at my institution to develop a smartphone app for post-tonal analysis. Version

1.0 of the Post-Tonal Tool Kit is available for download from the Apple App Store for iPhone or iPad for free:


I'm sending this link out because we need people to test the app and provide us with feedback. Hopefully, you won't find any PC Set Calculator errors, but if you do we want to hear about them! We also want to hear feedback on functionality and interface.

We developed this app with two goals: 1) to aid in the analysis of post-tonal music, and 2) to aid in the teaching of post-tonal music analysis and composition. I will personally be using the app in my post-tonal theory courses and will have my composition students use it as well. Currently, with the PC Set Calculator you can input a set of notes and the app will provide you with the Forte name, normal order, prime form, IC Vector, Z-Mate (if applicable), Tn Invariance, and TnI Invariance. It will also calculate the inversion (with all the above

information) as well as the complement. The user defined set can also be examined for all existing subsets and supersets.

We are in the process right now of finishing the coding for a matrix calculator that will allow for the selection and export of any adjacent set of pitches (i.e., a hexachord) into the PC Set Calculator for further analysis. We hope this will aid in the identification of relationships.

Further developments include the ability to save and recall specific sets and rows for continued study, the ability to print or email PC Set Calculator results or the matrix, and an Android version. We welcome any suggestions for additional functionality.

The app is currently free, so we ask you to please download it for your iOS device, test it, and get back to us with any feedback.



Garrett Hope

Visiting Assistant Professor of Music
Ursinus College
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