[Smt-talk] Weakened cadential articulation in the early 19th century

Halvor Hosar halhosar at online.no
Fri Apr 19 02:27:25 PDT 2013

Dear readers,

I am currently in the finishing stages of writing my Master's thesis on 
Viennese Kyrie movements c.1770-1830 seen from a modern /Formenlehre/ 
perspective, especially through the form-functional theories of William 

In some of the 19th-century compositions considered (Beethoven's Solemn 
Mass, and Masses by Schubert, Süssmayr, Hummel and Eybler) one finds 
that cadential articulation becomes somewhat less strict than in earlier 
works, such as by having a vii 6/5 as a stand-in for V in the primary 
theme (Süssmayr's Solemn Mass in D), and the adoption of authentic 
cadences to end transitional themes (Beethoven and Schubert), not found 
in the works of earlier composers. However, these are isolated cases, 
which I would assume to be part of a larger trend, only partially 
represented by these examples. Are there written any books or articles 
discussing this development in any detail?

Halvor Hosar
University of Trondheim (NTNU)
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