[Smt-talk] Craig's List

Deborah Burton burtond at bu.edu
Fri Apr 26 09:46:04 PDT 2013

This notice on Craig's List was brought to my attention:

"I am willing to pay $50 on paypal for a someone who has advanced classical 
composition skills to write my final project for my Counterpoint II class. It 
is two sections of an invention including the exposition and episodes and 
modulation. It would need to be done on finale or cyballius.

     * it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial 
     * Compensation: $50

Counterpoint II Final Project (2 part Invention)
Posted: 2013-04-22, 6:12PM EDT"

I wonder what the going rate for fugues is?

Deborah Burton
Boston University
burtond at bu.edu

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