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I have quite a few contacts to share, as I have done research the last several years in this area.  I have an article coming out soon on this topic.  Several blind music instructors I know would be great contacts.  A couple of them offhand would be:

Stephanie Spieck (teaches piano privately and has experience teaching sighted students)
Chi Gook Kim (teaches at Berklee)

I can offer more contacts later!  Does your student belong to the MENVI email list?  If not, she should join:  www.menvi.org     It's the best way to connect and network with other blind musicians and teachers.  

I'd be happy to connect with the student through private correspondence. 


Jeff Gillespie
Butler University

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Dear all,

I am working with a blind student (a singer who is also in our Music Theory Pedagogy Master's Degree program) whose thesis collects ideas, techniques, and resources useful for music theory and the blind.  In addition to the expected focus on how sighted instructors teach blind students, interestingly (and this is a topic I have not seen addressed) she is interested in ideas for the blind theory instructor and how they would interact successfully with sighted students.

If any of you have taught blind students in the past (or know of any blind theory teachers and how they work) please share, either privately to me, or to the list if you think it is of general interest.

I am reluctant to share a student's email address over a listserve, but if anyone would like to get in touch with her directly, which she would enjoy greatly, let me know.

Mark Janello
Dept. of Theory
Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University

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