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I knew people would choose to miscast my remarks. I should know better by now that lists like these have sunk bit by bit to the level of comments on political blogs. I give up. Goodbye list. 
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Gregory Proctor wrote:

> Since I have been teaching graduate students primarily in the past
> few years, I find myself using lead sheet notation more and more.
> It is especially helpful in reminding them that what "inversion" a
> chord is in is usually insignificant compared to its nature (triad,
> added sixth, seventh)


> I meant to assert thaqt our notation is silly and that inversion is
> overrated in classical music.

"Inversion is overrated in classical music." What interesting
assertions we encounter in this e-mail list!

Indeed. Just think of all those stupid classical composers who
bothered themselves with those overrated inversions and bass lines
(if the composers of the ludicrous figured-bass tradition even
realized they were writing "inversions"). Just imagine what a
marvellous repertoire they MIGHT have created, if they only had had
the wisdom presented above.

Olli Väisälä
Sibelius Academy
University of the Arts, Helsinki
ovaisala at siba.fi
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