[Smt-talk] V(7)-IV6-V(7)

Olli Väisälä ovaisala at siba.fi
Tue Aug 6 13:07:42 PDT 2013

> I'm on the hunt for simple examples of the neighboring progression V 
> (7)-IV6-V(7).
> The clearer the better. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Brahms, Piano Sonata no.1, mm. 36–38 (ending rit. un poco) contains a  
V7–IV6–V7 progression in E minor. Taken by itself, this progression  
is quite simple.

However, if we look at the larger context, more complex questions may  
arise concerning structural hierarchy, since the IV6 is subsequently  
taken up to initate a theme-like passage. I would suggest  
interpreting this passage (mm. 39–50) as containing an enlargement of  
the preceding IV6–V7 progression.

Olli Väisälä
ovaisala at siba.fi
Sibelius Academy
University of the Arts, Helsinki

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