[Smt-talk] a la mode

Robert O Gjerdingen r-gjerdingen at northwestern.edu
Sun Dec 8 07:04:24 PST 2013


	Occasionally I agree with you (really!), but at the cost of being subjected to posting after posting of tendentious blather. You may know what is variously called Gresham's Law, about bad money driving out good money:

[Wikipedia] "Bad" money is money that has a commodity value considerably lower than its face value and is in circulation along with good money, where both forms are required to be accepted at equal value as legal tender.

	I enjoy and profit from the good money in circulation on SMT-Talk. I feel that your currency has a place here too, if only you could reduce the extent to which you debase it. People often win arguments with apt and compelling evidence, not more and more obfuscation.  When the Bible and the Koran get a shout-out on SMT-Talk, I fear we are deep into obfuscation.

Best wishes for the Holidays,
Bob Gjerdingen
Northwestern University

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