[Smt-talk] Final Plagal Cadence and a Summary of Wondeful Features in the Schumann Song

Ninov, Dimitar N dn16 at txstate.edu
Wed Dec 18 11:12:03 PST 2013

Dear Dr. Väisälä,
Thanks for your comments. I do not have strong objections to any of them. I will just add that, while a minor V in the common practice period is typically used as a chord which links I and VI, or I and IV6 (with a descending line in the bass), here the composer uses that chord more freely, after I6- II6, and connecting VI6 as a tonic substitute. This creates a sublte T-S-D-TVI progression with the unique flavor of a "deceptive resolution" in natural minor.

I like your thought that “we should recognize both the local implications for tonal motions that fail to take place and the larger pattern that actually does take place.”

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