[Smt-talk] Online resources for ET and partwriting

Patrick Tuck patrick.tuck at ucumberlands.edu
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Hi Deborah,

<musictheory.net> mentioned in an earlier post also has an iOS app called Tenuto that my students have enjoyed using. 

<emusictheory.com> can be used as a pay site for students and teachers and it has a FREE resources link.

<http://www.mymusictheory.com> is an ABRSM resource, but ABRSM is developing a presence in the USA and it proceeds in a very structured manner through its own grade levels.

John Paul Ito's <http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/johnito/music_theory/> is a good place to go for most of the resources that you seek. He is also developing more advanced resources for form, 19th century music and 20th century music.

I am also keeping an eye on <http://jmtp.ou.edu> as I believe that its mission is to become a centralized location for higher education music theory faculty and students.

<teoria.com> is another good one (also mentioned in an earlier post).

MakeMusic has made strides with its SmartMusic software and they are targeting higher education music theory and aural skills with the addition of sight singing assessment resources. It requires annual subscriptions, but for students, much less expensive than an aural skills textbook for software that they also employ in their applied lessons and other performance contexts. SmartMusic also lets faculty create files in Finale and save them as SmartMusic assessment files.  Educators can combine one educator account with student accounts to keep track of several types of assignments (including manual grading of written work) for several classes. I have not used this software to its full potential, but I have experimented with it. 

There are several more bookmarks in my browser, but this software and these links are the ones that my students and I have found most useful and promising.

Best regards,

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Music Theory and High Brass
University of the Cumberlands
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Happy New Year to all SMTers!

I'm trying to find some online sites where students can  practice fundamentals, part writing, and ear training at the college level.  We don't need online courses, but rather places where students can do homework and extra drill.  Students are unwilling to buy MacGamut, much to my annoyance, and so we'd like another option.

Any ideas???


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