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There's a particularly beautiful elaboration of a cadential 6/4 moving to V6/5 in one of the Robert Schumann pieces entitled with three asterisks in the Album for the Young, op. 68.  Piece #30 (on p. 161 of the 2nd volume of the Dover edition) offers a rising bass between the cadential 6/4 on the downbeat and the V6/5 on the fourth quarter in m. 3 (the piece is in F major; the bass goes C-C#-D-E, where the D makes at least the sonority, if not the function of a vi chord), and then expands on that idea for the ending of the consequent phrase in mm. 7-8 (where the elaboration includes not only vi but also ii before the cadential 6/4 moves, this time, to a root-position V7).  

A similar, and likewise beautiful, elaboration of a cadential 6/4 elaborated by motions to vi and ii occurs in #13 in the same opus ("Mai, lieber Mai, -- Bald bist du wieder da!" on p. 141 of the Dover edition) in mm. 8-10.  

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> Can anyone direct me to a composition that features a cadential six-four chord 
progressing to either V6 or V6/5?

Joseph Haydn, Symphony No. 90 in C, I, bars 205-206.

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