[Smt-talk] Semitonal voice leading

Andrew Schartmann andrew.schartmann at yale.edu
Tue May 14 14:31:40 PDT 2013


To unravel what you said, you're making the basic point that "rules" of
counterpoint and harmony are style-based/context-based. I'm not sure anyone
would argue with you, unless they're willing to posit music theory as a
natural science, in which case they'd be wrong.


I want to make sure I fully understand what you're getting at when you say
that "the question of function cannot be and should not be tied to the
so-called voice leading context. The Dominant Seventh chord functions as
Dominant with or without the resolution triad in sight." This is a

I assume, however, that you mean the following: a major-minor seventh chord
functions as a dominant no matter where we find it. If you hold this to be
true, I'm going to guess you haven't listened to much beyond classical
music. And even if we stay within the classical repertoire, what do you
make of German augmented sixth chords?

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Andrew Schartmann
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