[Smt-talk] Schenker as Composer

Eric B. Chernov chernove at ursatz.com
Tue Apr 1 05:11:07 PDT 2014

Dear theorists,

For over a decade I have had a "Classical Clip of the Month" feature on my
website. Each month I post a clip, a short blurb (ranging from a sentence
or two to a few paragraphs), and a link to purchase the recording, or a
similar one if the posted recording is not available.

This month's clip features a recording of some piano music by Schenker,
which may be of particular interest to those on this list.

The clip is found here:

All 144 previous clips are archived, incidentally, here:

Those wishing to receive the monthly notification when the clip goes up
may sign up here:

Hope you enjoy the Schenker!

All best,
Eric B. Chernov
Queens College, CUNY

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