[Smt-talk] Masculine And Feminine Endings

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Tue Apr 29 13:04:08 PDT 2014

Hello Dimitar, 

And I would add that the feminine and masculine cadences are also referred to [historically] as "weak" and "strong" endings. In a humorous way this reminds me of a controversy at Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride in which some complained that in the course of the ride men pirates were chasing women and that this was sexist and gave children a negative perspective! Did pirates chase women around at that time in history? Probably, as I'm sure that men of former ages considered women the weaker sex and men to be the strong sex! Does anyone in academia still use these terms or have they been relegated to the dust bins of history?! Would we change the literature or historical context of the past to conform to current consciousness or is it important to understand where we came from and how we once behaved? I do not use those terms and find them offensive in the reality of the modern age, but have to admit I do enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean's ride - I do believe that the ride was changed and now women, albeit larger women are chasing Pirates! 

Carson Farley 
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