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I think the SMT rightly has a vested interest in a strong NEH, and the
politics (the question of such an infinitessimal amount of public money
going to the study of the arts) is a very minor consideration in terms of
representing constituents' interests, although I can understand others
feeling differently.  (And, of course, one need not be a member of SMT to
subscribe to the smt-talk list.)  When I followed the advertised link to
show my support of NEH funding to my senators Levin and Stabenow, I noticed
that the NEH listed SMT as an institution in which it was interested,
presumably to measure levels of support.  I was happy to indicate my SMT
affiliation and curious as to how our group had been linked to the list of
universities and other institutions.  --walt everett

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While I, too, may not want to see postings, say, advocating a political
candidate on the SMT listserv, I would disagree with Dr. Whitcomb in this
particular case. Many members of SMT have benefited from fellowships and
other programs funded or operated by NEH (and NEA). Its elimination would
adversely affect the profession of music theory. Hence, I think it was
entirely appropriate for Drs. Long and Judd to send out their emails.

FYI, the Society for Ethnomusicology has made a number of position
statements that are political in nature. Not all the membership agrees with
them, and one might question their impact, but the Board and Council make
them when they believe a statement would support the membership.

I'm not necessarily advocating that SMT have similar position statements,
but am simply pointing out that it is not entirely inappropriate for
academic societies to take a political stand if it benefits the membership,
and that other societies have chosen to do so. Letting other members know
about an initiative is informational and involves no political commitment
from SMT itself.

Noriko Manabe
Assistant Professor of Music
Princeton University

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> Subject: [Smt-talk] Political postings
> Hello,
> I am writing to encourage the SMT posting policy to be changed to
disallow emails concerning politics. I am referring to the recent calls to
political action by doctors Long and Judd. We are a diverse collection of
individuals with different political ideas, and while a discussion of these
political differences could be interesting, it belongs elsewhere.
> -Benjamin Whitcomb
> Dr. Benjamin Whitcomb
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