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Alas, the joke is on you. My point in making my political argument was precisely to demonstrate the sort of discussion that I hope we all think does not belong on the SMT list, which is why I ended my email by saying "Again, how about saving SMT list for the discussion of music theory?"


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Unfortunately, Benjamin, I think you've missed my point, and presumably therefore also the irony of the situation, which in a dark way is actually rather funny...

You can't make a political argument exhorting folks not to make political arguments, any more than you can invoke logic to "prove" there is no such thing as rationality, or to invoke morality to "justify" the emptiness of moral standards.

Asserting that your argument is reasonable and appropriate amounts to a claim that you are the only one who should be allowed to argue politically—or perhaps that only arguments that you would agree with should be allowed. This is the sort of thing we hear from certain contemporary sources all the time, but I would be sorry to see such a claim appearing on our list-serv without being challenged. As indeed it has been.


Exactly! Thank you for seeing my point, Charles. It sounds like you agree that SMT list is not an appropriate forum for such discussions.


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And here we have submitted to the list an overtly political argument, couched in articulate and persuasive terms, for keeping political arguments off the list...hmmm...



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