[Smt-talk] Gender Terminology in Music Theory

Jennifer Bain Jennifer.Bain at Dal.Ca
Tue Apr 29 11:56:23 PDT 2014

So to refer to a cadence that ends on a strong metric position as
masculine and one that ends on a weak metric position as feminine is not
sexist...? Didn't we sort this out in 1991?


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On 14-04-29 11:49 AM, "Ninov, Dimitar N" <dn16 at txstate.edu> wrote:

>Dear Colleagues,
>Also, one must not forget the traditional terms "masculine cadence" and
>"feminine cadence" as referred to the metric position of the final tonic.
>This, of course, is not sexist language, although I do not rule out some
>future "original contribution" referring to a third gender cadence, which
>is neither masculine, nor feminine (ha-ha).
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