[Smt-talk] Gender Terminology in Music Theory

Michael Morse mwmorse at bell.net
Tue Apr 29 13:10:21 PDT 2014

Like "sexist," the attributions "masculine" and "feminine" are ascriptive, not descriptive. Adjectives have no direct prescriptive power in reality, despite their undeniable if merely occasional affective influence; that matter was sorted out in 1324 by William of Ockham. Today, 1991 is every bit as much ancient history as 1324.
MW Morsez. Zeit freier Kunstler

> From: Jennifer.Bain at Dal.Ca
> So to refer to a cadence that ends on a strong metric position as
> masculine and one that ends on a weak metric position as feminine is not
> sexist...? Didn't we sort this out in 1991?
> Jennifer

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