[Smt-talk] Partition Puzzle

Stephen Soderberg hyperchord at me.com
Thu Feb 6 06:07:36 PST 2014

For those interested in z-related sets & homometric structures generally, I have just posted the first installment of "Partition Puzzle" on my blog Essays & Endnotes:


Most of you are already familiar with the basics, so there is no loss if you skip immediately to the beginning of the puzzle description which begins at "So far I have presented nothing new." I've been staring at this puzzle for a long time & have not been able to figure out how to put it into an acceptable publishable format. So I finally decided to use the blog format to put it out as a sort of "lab notebook." So the nomenclature, which I have tried unsuccessfully to clean up, is still all over the map - but I think the diagrams alone get the point across.

No, this is not a trick :-)

Stephen Soderberg
Music Division
Library of Congress
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