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I think one of the reasons film music is not approached in the same manner as art music discussed in theoretical terms is that often there are time constraints and deadlines for film score composers to meet and they must work fast and intuitively rather than from a more analytical structural basis, not to mention the visual and emotional emphasis. Wendy Carlos (Stanley Kubrik films, Tron) does talk quite a bit about her techniques regarding using the synthesizer for film scoring and can generally be found if one searches Youtube for Wendy Carlos. Carter Burwell (Fargo and countless other films) is also another good source for a contemporary film scoring composer who has commented and most likely has a lot of video documentation on the internet. Another very busy film score composer who also has a lot of content, commentary and work on the internet is Mark Mothersbaugh (of Devo fame), who currently has a very large film scoring company in Los Angeles in the former Cinemascope theater on Hollywood Blvd. 

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