[Smt-talk] Analytical observation re: opening measures of Beethoven's op. 2 no. 1

Murphy, Scott Brandon smurphy at ku.edu
Tue Jul 22 08:46:18 PDT 2014

Would someone be so kind to remind me who recognized (and printed) that the fivefold series of bass pitch classes and interonset durations in mm. 5-8 of the first movement of Beethoven’s first piano sonata (i.e. <F,2>, <G,2>, <Ab,1>, <Bb,1>, <C,1>) is a temporal diminution (by one-half) of the same fivefold series of treble pitch classes and durations in mm. 1-7? Once captive in (and I’m pretty sure not invented by) my brain, this information has managed to escape, and my various efforts at bibliographic and Internet trolling for it have been to no avail.



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