[Smt-talk] theory of film music

Andrew Schartmann andrew.schartmann at yale.edu
Sun Jul 6 20:05:39 PDT 2014

Regarding Dr. Khannanov's proposal that Debussy influenced the advent of
montage technique in film:

(1) It is worth checking out Mark McFarland's 2004 article, in which he
argues that montage technique in turn-of-the-century film prompted Debussy
to develop an analogous technique in music (and not the other way around).

(2) Debussy's own words on this matter provide food for thought: "There
remains, however, one means of renewing the taste for symphonic music among
our contemporaries: to apply to pure music the techniques of
cinematography..." (Lesure and Langham Smith 1988, 298).

Best wishes,
Andrew Schartmann
PhD Student, Yale Department of Music
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