[Smt-talk] "Modes of Imagining"

imalitz at omsmodel.com imalitz at omsmodel.com
Sat Jul 12 10:52:04 PDT 2014

Dear Prof. Soderberg

I read your current article.

regarding this sentence from the article:
"In my next post I'll review a list of what I understand to be MTT's  
basic, mostly unexamined assumptions. "

*I think the assumption that is most to blame for holding back MTT is  
a follows*:

     "Music can be modeled as patterns of notes"

Of course, there has-been and still-is value in note-centric modeling  
in music. But (speaking as a scientist), this model has many  
shortcomings, especially with contemporary music (serious and popular).

-- Isaac Malitz, Ph.D.
    imalitz at omsmodel.com

> '"Modes of Imagining": A few thoughts on rules, definitions, common  
> notions, requests, postulates, axioms, hypotheses, and other stuff':
> -- Stephen Soderberg
>       Keswick, VA

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