[Smt-talk] The Ubiquitous Triad

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Fascinating.  Isn't the triad ultimately just the distillation of all possible simultaneous consonances?  Namely, unison/octave, third (major or minor, but not both), and perfect fifth?  That is, as an outgrowth of Western counterpoint, specifically.  Is this a historical aspect explored anywhere?


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>> Just posted some thoughts on justifications for the tonal triad meant to
>> lead into the final post in the thread "Desperately Seeking Relevance:
>> Music Theory Today"
>> "The Ubiquitous Triad"
> The URL of Stephen's latest blog entry can be found at:
> http://essaysandendnotes.blogspot.be/2014/07/desperately-seeking-relevance-music_18.html
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