[Smt-talk] Harmonics

Victor grauer victorag at verizon.net
Wed Jul 23 07:39:07 PDT 2014

On Wed, 7/23/14, Andrew Milne <andymilne at tonalcentre.org> wrote:

 "It is
 actually very easy for almost any to human to produce a
 pitch with a perfectly harmonic spectrum — by singing. And
 it is, perhaps, in singing with others that the richness and
 beauty of a well tuned major triad is most
 On this I can enthusiastically agree. Part of the success of the triad is its wonderful resonance. And there certainly is a relationship between the resonance of the major triad and the overtone series, which reinforces it -- especially in vocal music, but also brass instruments, flutes, etc. While history reveals the origin of triadically based music to have been an invention, the naturally resonant properties of the major triad may well have played a role in its success.

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