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Lovers of the Circle of Fifths can just call me Dr. 6 O’Clock.

Albeniz	Piano Sonata No. 5, op. 82
Alkan	Andante, op.13, no.3
Alkan	Etude, op. 35, no.10
Alkan	Prelude, op. 31, no. 13
Arensky	Etude, op.25, no.3
Balakirev	Mazurka No. 4
Beach	"Dreaming," op. 15, no. 3 (Four Sketches)
Blumenfeld	Etude, op. 44, no. 1
Borodin	Petite Suite for piano, no.7 (Nocturne)
Bowen	Romance No. 1, op. 35, no. 2
Bruckner	String Quintet in F major, III (Adagio)
Cadman	Romance for Harp
Chopin	Contredanse (1827), B.17
Chopin	Etude No. 9, op. 25
Chopin	Etude, op. 10, no. 5
Chopin	Impromptu, op. 51
Chopin	Polonaise, B. 36 (post.)(1829)
Chopin	Waltz, op. 70, no. 1
Debussy	Etude No. 6, Book I, "Pour les huits doigts"
Debussy	La fille aux cheveux de lin, Preludes Book I
Debussy	Premiere Rhapsodie for Clarinet
Dvorak	Humoresque, opus 101, no. 7
Dvorak	Piano Quartet in E-flat major, II
Ewald	Brass Quintet, op. 5, II
Faure	Barcarolle No. 3
Faure	Valse-Caprice No. 3, op. 59
Fischer	Pensativa (jazz standard)
Garson	Prelude in G flat
Henselt	Wiegenlied, op. 45
Janacek	Pohádka: A Tale for cello and piano
Karg-Elert	Arabesque No. 1, op. 5, "Filigran"
Kaski	Prelude, op. 7
Kleffel	Albumblatt
Liszt	Soirées de Vienne, No. 5 (Valse-Caprice)
Lyadov	Berceuse, op. 24
Lyadov	Prelude, op. 27
Martin	Prelude & Fugue No.13 (A Slow Drag)
Martucci	Notturno, opus. 70, no. 1
Martucci	Romanza for Piano, op. 33, no. 3
Mayer	Etude, op. 305, no.10
Moszkowski	Etude, op. 24, no.1
Paderewski	Melodie, op. 16, no. 2
Paderewski	Sonata, op. 21, II
Rachmaninoff	Prelude, op. 23, no.10
Ravel	Introduction et Allegro
Ravel	String Quartet, III
Respighi	Nocturne for piano (1904)
Saint-Saëns/Godowsky	The Swan
Schubert	Impromptu No. 3, op. 90
Schütt	Romance, op. 21, no. 1
Schytte	Etude, op. 159, no.23
Scriabin	Prelude, op.11, no.13
Scriabin	Prelude, op.16, no. 3
Szymanowski	Etude, op. 4, no. 2
Szymanowski	Mazurka, op. 50, no. 1
Tchaikovsky	Capriccio, op. 8

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