[Smt-talk] Rock/Pop Music With Three Modulations Or Atonality

CARSON FARLEY ccfarley at embarqmail.com
Wed Jun 18 09:50:16 PDT 2014

Most of King Crimson's music (the later version of the Band with guitarist Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Bill Bruford and Robert Fripp) is quite harmonically adventurous and has three or more modulations. I would also add the pop/rock/fusion work of Frank Zappa from his numerous albums. A wonderful example of atonal pop/rock music can found in the music of Primus whose main composer and bassist Les Claypool is quite brilliant and also scored the music for Southpark. Electronic guitarist and genius Adrian Belew's work (guitarist for Zappa, Bowie, King Crimson as well as his own work also contains harmonically adventurous music as well as atonality, contemporary harmonic usage, complex rhythm, soundscapes, guitar synthesis, innovative instrumental technique, and interesting guitar alternate tuning. 

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