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One of our leading scholars has correctly pointed out that the Szymanowski Mazurka, op. 50, was not in G flat…in fact it wasn’t even close. I can only attribute my error to demonic possession. Below is the corrected list along with my apologies.

Albeniz	Piano Sonata No. 5, op. 82
Alkan	Andante, op.13, no.3
Alkan	Etude, op. 35, no.10
Alkan	Prelude, op. 31, no. 13
Arensky	Etude, op.25, no.3
Balakirev	Mazurka No. 4
Beach	"Dreaming," op. 15, no. 3 (Four Sketches)
Blumenfeld	Etude, op. 44, no. 1
Borodin	Petite Suite for piano, no.7 (Nocturne)
Bowen	Romance No. 1, op. 35, no. 2
Bruckner	String Quintet in F major, III (Adagio)
Cadman	Romance for Harp
Chopin	Contredanse (1827), B.17
Chopin	Etude No. 9, op. 25
Chopin	Etude, op. 10, no. 5
Chopin	Impromptu, op. 51
Chopin	Polonaise, B. 36 (post.)(1829)
Chopin	Waltz, op. 70, no. 1
Debussy	Etude No. 6, Book I, "Pour les huits doigts"
Debussy	La fille aux cheveux de lin, Preludes Book I
Debussy	Premiere Rhapsodie for Clarinet
Dvorak	Humoresque, opus 101, no. 7
Dvorak	Piano Quartet in E-flat major, II
Ewald	Brass Quintet, op. 5, II
Faure	Barcarolle No. 3
Faure	Valse-Caprice No. 3, op. 59
Fischer	Pensativa (jazz standard)
Garson	Prelude in G flat
Henselt	Wiegenlied, op. 45
Janacek	Pohádka: A Tale for cello and piano
Karg-Elert	Arabesque No. 1, op. 5, "Filigran"
Kaski	Prelude, op. 7
Kleffel	Albumblatt
Liszt	Soirées de Vienne, No. 5 (Valse-Caprice)
Lyadov	Berceuse, op. 24
Lyadov	Prelude, op. 27
Martin	Prelude & Fugue No.13 (A Slow Drag)
Martucci	Notturno, opus. 70, no. 1
Martucci	Romanza for Piano, op. 33, no. 3
Mayer	Etude, op. 305, no.10
Moszkowski	Etude, op. 24, no.1
Paderewski	Melodie, op. 16, no. 2
Paderewski	Sonata, op. 21, II
Rachmaninoff	Prelude, op. 23, no.10
Ravel	Introduction et Allegro
Ravel	String Quartet, III
Respighi	Nocturne for piano (1904)
Saint-Saëns/Godowsky	The Swan
Schubert	Impromptu No. 3, op. 90
Schütt	Romance, op. 21, no. 1
Schytte	Etude, op. 159, no.23
Scriabin	Prelude, op.11, no.13
Scriabin	Prelude, op.16, no. 3
Szymanowski	Etude, op. 4, no. 2
Tchaikovsky	Capriccio, op. 8

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