[Smt-talk] I–VI–IV leading to recapitulation?

Olli Väisälä ovaisala at siba.fi
Thu Mar 27 03:58:29 PDT 2014

Dear List,

I wonder if any of you could give an example of a sonata-form piece  
with the following two properties:

(1) Recapitulation starts from IV.
(2) The IV is approached through a large-scale I–VI–IV progression.

I know several pieces whose recap starts from IV that is not  
approached through I–VI–IV. I also know pieces with I–VI–IV large- 
scale progression but not leading to the beginning of the recap. But  
I know only one piece combining (1) and (2): the first movement of  
Sibelius's Violin Concerto. I would be interested whether Sibelius  
had any precedents.

Olli Väisälä
ovaisala at siba.fi
Sibelius Academy
University of the Arts, Helsinki

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