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Dear Trevor,

Robert Hurwitz's unpublished textbook refers to them as five-three, six-three, and six-four positions. Also, the voicing terminology for open and closed position is referred to as open and closed construction. I find this terminology convenient.


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> Hi all,
> My students with some piano background often confuse chord inversions with
> what their right hand is doing, such as a "first inversion" chord means that the
> chordal third is played by the thumb of the right hand, even if the root is in the
> bass (left hand).  This misconception seems to be something derived from their
> previous piano pedagogy as far as I can tell.
> My question: Is there a technical term for different voicings of the right hand?  I
> realize I can't retrain the piano teachers of the world to use a different term.
> But does something like "first voicing," "second voicing" exist?  Maybe this is
> more a thread for the keyboard world, but it impacts my music theory teaching.
> Oh, and dear fundamentals textbook authors, PLEASE stop explaining and drilling
> inversions of chords using only the treble clef.  It reinforces this misconception
> and leads others down the same path.  I realize it's a convenience thing (cost of
> paper and ink), but it unnecessarily confuses so many of our students.
> Best,
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