[Smt-talk] Seeking interesting musical images

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Dear Eric et al.:

                              As a proud alumnus of the University at 
Buffalo, SUNY, I would like to direct you to an exhibit that was put on in 
conjunction with the 2003 June in Buffalo:  The Composer's Eye.  This 
exhibit included the art work of Hindemith, Varese, Feldman, Gershwin and 
Schoenberg (indeed, it was Hindemith's illustrated version of his 'Ludus 
Tonalis' that immediately came to mind after reading your post).  I have 
included the url that will allow you and others to review this fascinating 
and stimulating collection of the, often neglected, art work of these 
important 20th-Century composers.


Warmest regards,

Michael Chikinda
Assistant Professor, The University of Utah

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> Dear Colleagues,
> I have been collecting musical "images" (figures, annotated musical 
> examples, diagrams) that are important, iconic, controversial, 
> historically significant, information-rich, unusually effective, simply 
> unusual, or interesting in other ways. Do you have a favorite image that 
> you think should be in my collection? References shared publicly or 
> privately are welcome.
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