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Amy Bauer abauer at uci.edu
Thu Oct 2 13:34:02 PDT 2014

Dear colleagues,

We have a very hard-working, gifted young pianist who cannot pass her 
aural skills sequence. She has bronchial pulmonary dispasia (which 
affects her ability to sight-sing). But her primary issue is almost 
total deafness in her left ear. She struggled for a long while to 
understand why she had absolutely no problems with speech or 
understanding speech, but had difficulty reproducing and recognizing 
pitch height. According to a recent research paper she shared with me, 
we use our left ears almost exclusively for that purpose, while using 
the right ear to decipher speech and syntactical relationships.

Has anyone dealt with a similar situation, or has anyone dealt with a 
situation where a student simply could not complete their aural skills 
requirement for medical reasons?

Thank you very much for any replies.

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