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My apologies if others have already responded (sometimes these threads randomly end up in my Junk Mail).

The song in the Fiat commercials is "Biggie Bounce" by Diplo. A cursory search online didn't turn up any citations of Cage samples. 


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</div>Has anyone seen the Fiat commercials (new to me, because I don't watch much commercial TV, but they might have been around for years...) that use music that sounds to me like snippets from Cage's Music for Prepared Piano. Certainly inspired by this music, if not note-for-note, timbre-for-timbre exactly what Cage wrote. (Which, now that I've put it on the screen seems like a very strange sentence indeed...I think I can hear him chuckling....)

Might be a good reason to grit your teeth and turn to one of those commercial channels, at least for a while. I think it was Sundance or IFC on which I encountered them. I wonder if the Cage estate is getting royalties? (or what his opinion was about the concept of royalties...)



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