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SMT Discuss (https://discuss.societymusictheory.org) is a forum for the
discussion of topics of interest to the professional music theory community.

Most recent discussions:

   1. CMS task-force Manifesto
   2. Music Theory Today: The monster problem
   3. Talks heard at the American Historical Society conference and their
   application to music theory
   4. Learning-outcomes based instruction
   5. The influence of the status quo undergraduate curriculum on the
   future of music
   6. Copyright - so you think you've got it all figured out
   7. WPRB 24-hour live stream of 21st C Music in progress now4
   8. Comments on Boulez's Repons

Most popular discussions (based on # of views, likes, and comments):

   1. Music Theory entries in Wikipedia
   2. EuroMAC Conference 2014
   3. Minor dominant in minor mode?

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