[Smt-talk] Classical Form and Recursion

Leslie Kinton lkinton at primus.ca
Mon Apr 6 14:40:38 PDT 2009

I hate to jump into the middle of a discussion, but it seems to me that the use of the word "prolongation" is not totally correct.  I think what's being discussed is "composing out" which is not quite the same thing as "prolongation" (a distinction not made clear in much of the theoretical literature).  "Composing out" is the idea that a particular "scale step" (Stufe) is composed out by a series of chords that are created contrapuntally rather than harmonically.  I don't think it's a case of one or more chords "standing for" another.  Dimitri, you seem to be questioning the validity of the concept of "composing out", probably the central tenet of Schenkerian harmonic theory.  Is this correct, or am I misreading what you've written?


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