[Smt-talk] Theory of "Intercultural" Composition

Linda Seltzer lseltzer at alumni.caltech.edu
Mon Apr 27 10:27:11 PDT 2009

1. Differences between Western and non-Western musical traditions arise
from the differences in the philosophies of various religions,
particularly with respect to the nature, meaning, sociology and politics
of prayer and the forms it can take with respect to ritual and meditation.
The adoption of a non-Western technique in Western composition generally
implies that the composer identifies with the non-Western philosophy.
2. On the issue of the influence of gamelan music, I have been curious for
a long time about the piano piece entitled Abendglocken by Liszt.  How
could he have known gamelan music?  For an accidental coincidence, the
piece has a remarkably gamelan-like procedure. When playing it, one finds
that the arm motions suggest the portrayal of different percussion

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