[Smt-talk] Classical Form and Recursion

Thomas Noll noll at cs.tu-berlin.de
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An exciting new book, edited by Pieter Bergé entitled "Musical Form,  
Forms, Formenlehre" (2009, Leuven University Press) with lectures,  
comments and responses by William Caplin, James Hepokoski and James  
Webster contains a contribution by William Caplin, presented in the  
Formenlehre-session at the Euro-MAC 2007 in Freiburg. There we find  
tree structures with two kinds of labels, namely temporal functions  
and formal functions. It is the labeling with temporal functions  
(before-the-beginning, beginning, middle, end, after-the-end), where  
recursion becomes manifest.
I'm grateful to my colleague Karst de Jong, who lent me his copy this  
morning. What I took for a vague and undigested idea of mine in my  
posting of yesterday is actually a sediment of memory from William  
Caplin's inspiring lecture, where the well-digested idea was  
supported by good arguments and examples. I apologize if I caused  
wrong déjà-vu experiences or discomfort with my weakness of memory.
Thomas Noll

> technically the (not yet digested) idea would - at first sight -  
> lead to derivation trees with labels "presentation",  
> "continuation", "cadence" (and some more) for non-terminals and  
> concrete units from the score for terminals.

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