[Smt-talk] Revised Query on Schenker Pedagogy (broadening the net)

Leslie Kinton lkinton at primus.ca
Fri May 15 08:05:29 PDT 2009

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 Hello Benjamin 

	In 2008, I finished my M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Toronto
where, for a period of six years, I worked closely with both David
Beach and Ed Laufer.  The dissertation is called "A Documentary Study
and Schenkerian Analysis of Dvorak's Symphony in D Minor op. 70"
(apologies for the lack or diacritic accents; my emailer does not do
them very well).  I suppose this makes me 3rd generation? 

	Further to your inital email, I'm also a performer for whom Schenker
has always been a big part of how I learn the tonal repertory. 




	Leslie Kinton, Ph.D.
 Assistant Professor, Piano Faculty,
 Don Wright Faculty of Music,
 Anagnoson & Kinton Website:  www.pianoduo.com [1] 


	On Fri 15/05/09 1:17 PM , "Dr. Benjamin Ayotte"
benjaminayotte at aim.com sent: Dear Colleagues,
 Nicolas Meeùs writes:
 You are not entirely clear about the scope of your query, namely
whether it is restricted to American Schenkerism or addresses European
(or possibly other) Schenkerism as well. I don't know about possible
answers of my German or Dutch colleagues, who would seem to have been
in closer contact with your "second" and "third" generations – I'd
be very much interested by what they say.
 Thank you for pointing this out, Nicolas.  I do not wish to limit
the scope of my inquiry to American scholars--there are too many fine
publications from Europe and Asia for this to be tenable.  As Schenker
is ascendant in Europe (witness the recent conferences in Utrecht,
Vienna, and Berlin-Mannheim-Sauen), I would appreciate hearing from my
European colleagues how they came to be acquainted with Schenker,
whether through reading, as an auto-didact, or via a conference (e.g.,
that held at the Royal Holloway in 1993; the Estonian conferences on
"A Composition as a Problem" or others).  Reception in Eastern Europe
and Asia is of particular interest with the Russian and Chinese
translations of Freie Satz by Boris Plotnikov and Chen Shi-Ben being
available there.
 Dr. Benjamin McKay Ayotte, A. B., Ph. D.
 Music Theorist and Historian
 Greensboro, North Carolina
 benaminayotte at aim.com
 http:// www.academia.edu/benjaminayotte
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[1] http://www.pianoduo.com
[2] http://www.whereitsat.com/?ncid=emlwenew00000001
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