[Smt-talk] Altered pitch, preserved contour

Dave Headlam dheadlam at esm.rochester.edu
Wed May 20 07:01:18 PDT 2009

Richard:  take a look at Bartok's discussion of the expansion of intervals
in the theme of the Music for Strings, Percussion, Celeste, which moves from
a chromatic context of a filled in P5 to an "acoustic scale" context in the
final movement:  from A-E to C-C


A-Bb-C#-C etc.
C-D-G-F#  etc.

Bartok described it (Harvard Lectures) as "interval expansion" I believe.

Dave Headlam

On 5/20/09 6:23 AM, "Richard Lewis" <richardlewis at fastmail.co.uk> wrote:

> Can anyone think if there's an accepted term to describe the
> phenomenon where some musical material is stretched in pitch (making
> the intervals bigger but preserving the contour). The first thing that
> comes to mind is 'augmentation', but this is usually only applied to
> rhythmic alteration.
> I suspect that, as this phenomenon is not common in the Western canon,
> it may have escaped categorisation by the early C20th arbiters of
> music theory. Though I'd be happy to be proved wrong.
> Best wishes,
> Richard


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