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Dmitri Tymoczko dmitri at Princeton.EDU
Thu May 28 17:10:59 PDT 2009

> Great Question....I've thought about this often over the years;  
> what I don't know as well as DT and many of you is good examples of  
> "going back to Schubert" classical examples (can someone suggest a  
> few I can offer up to curious students?).

A few classical examples off the top of my head:

1. Schubert's A major piano sonata, D. 959, I, ends with a Bb7->A  
2. Schubert's C major string quintet, last movement, ends with a G4/3 
[b5]->C progression.
2. Chopin C# minor nocturne, opening page, has a D7->c# progression  
over a C# pedal.
3. Brahms's Bb intermezzo, op. 76 no. 4, near the end (just before  
"poco string."), has a c/o7->B7->Bb progression.


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