[Smt-talk] online music (audio) service comparison

David K Feurzeig mozojo at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 06:33:01 PST 2009

I'm interested in SMT-listers' experience with various online audio  
libraries, such as Naxos, The Classical Music Library, eMusic, etc.

The following come to mind as important factors for comparison:

*breadth and depth of repertoire
   (including whether it includes classicalmusic, modern "art music",  
world music, etc.)

*file formats & quality

*ease of use; interface quality

*platform & browser compatibilities

*streaming or downloadable files

*search functionality

*pricing, individual and institutional


Thanks in advance for all input.

David Feurzeig
Southwick Music Complex
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405

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