[Smt-talk] Paul Simon

jcovach jcovach at mail.rochester.edu
Fri Nov 6 08:40:03 PST 2009

Anna Stephan-Robinson has just completed her dissertation (summer 2009) here at
Eastman on the music of Paul Simon; I advised this work with the help of Dave
Headlam and Albin Zak.  The dissertation explores Simon's entire recorded output
mostly in terms of form, but also considering many other dimensions along the
way.  Anna incorporates both the work of both Everett and Benninghof into her
research, as well as the many other sources that are available.  

It's an extremely comprehensive study and might be a good place to start as you
think about framing your own approach to Simon's music.  There's still lots to
be written about Simon's music; he is such a crucial figure in the development
of pop music in the last several decades.

John Covach
Professor of Music and Chair, Music Department, University of Rochester
Professor of Theory, Eastman School of Music

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