[Smt-talk] Learning Differences in aural skills (animated analyses)

J. Kent Williams JKWILLIA jkwillia at uncg.edu
Wed Nov 18 07:07:40 PST 2009

I've created numerous animated analyses for courses and research projects. 
Two of the most extensive are located at: 

        an intro to properties of octatonic scales/collections with 
analyses of four octatonic pieces from Bartók's Mikrokosmos.
        an intro to concepts and analyses from Lerdahl's Tonal Pitch 

I've used Flash as my development tool for the past several years. It has 
an excellent scripting language (ActionScript). The only missing feature 
is the ability to play MIDI files and MIDI code generated from various 
scripts. One must use audio files, even to play a single note. Several 
years ago MIDI functionality was provided by a plug-in called Beatnik, but 
the company stopped supporting the plug-in when they found they could make 
more money creating and selling ring tones for cell phones. 

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